Born 2003 at O Anema, Holland
170 cm. Prem AB until 2012.
Owner Birgitta Kjellin Häst AB, Stuteri Stubbäng and Stall André AB

Stallion performance test Flyinge 2007 (4 år)
Conformation: 8 8 7 8 9 = 40
Gaits: 8 9 9 = 8,7
Free jumping: 6 7 = 6,5
Rideability: 9 9 = 9,0
Pedigree: 1
Suitability: 1

Wladimir O.A. 1138 will be included in the stallion programme at Flyinge also during 2010

Wladimir O.A. had a very good result during 2009 with more than 85% of the covered mares pregnant.

Also during the 2010 season, the breeding will be combined with a continued dressage career together with Pernilla André Hokfelt. Wladimir O.A. ended the competition season 2009 with a 2nd place and being the best 6 year old at ”Champion of the Winners” at Stockholm International Horse Show.

”The plans for Wladimir O.A. for 2010 is to make his debute in Prix St Georges and to start the 7-year old championship in Falsterbo as well as to continue the training towards Grand Prix. It's a real pleasure to train this nice and rideable stallion every day” says Pernilla André Hokfelt.

”Wladimir O.A.1138 is a young dressage stallion who already has performed very well. He has an excellent pedigree and huge potential to develop for the future. Therefore, it's a great pleasure to offer him in our programme also during 2010”, says Karl-Henrik Heimdahl, breeding manager at Flyinge.

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Pernilla and Wladimir did a fantastic performance in Champion of the Winners at Stockholm International Horse Show in November. With only one day's notice they took the chance and went to Stockholm. With the very nice comments and 85,6% the were placed second and were also the best 6-year old.
Click here to see a video of the performance.

At the same time we can inform that 85% of the mares covered by Wladimir this year were pregnant! It's a very good result, especially since he has had several older mares that have been covered for the first time after a long competition career. We are now looking forward to get information about all new foals that will be born during springtime!

At the World Championships for young horses in Verden, Wladimir did a very good performance even if he didn't reach the top. He was 8th in the small final and also the second best Swedish horse.

In Falsterbo Wladimir won the semi final with 73,33% before Scharmeur who had 69,435%. In the final he was placed second, just after the Danish Heslegårds Rolex! Now it's time for the World Championships for Young Horses in Verden on 5-9 August!

Wladimir and Pernilla are now qualified for Falsterbo and Scandinavian Open for 6-year old horses! After that Pernilla gave birth in the end of March, they have started twice in the middle of June and won both competitions!
In Everlöv they won Msv B:2 with 77,44% and in Gärds they won FEI's final programme for 6-year old horses with 80%!

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Click here to see the video from the Final and winning round at the Breeding&Sports Championship at Flyinge in October 2008.



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Resultat 2010 - 7 år:
2nd place, 7-year old championship, Falsterbo

Result 2009 - 6 year old:
2nd place, Champion of the Winners, Globen
8th place small final, the World Championships for young horses in Verden, Germany
2nd place, Scandinavian Open, Falsterbo

Result 2008 - 5 year old:
3rd place, Champion of the Winners, Globen
1st place, Swedish Breeding&Sports Championship at Flyinge (winner of all three rounds)
13th place, the World Championships for young horses in Verden, Germany (just outside the final)
3rd placets, Scandinavian Open, Falsterbo (after only five days with the new rider Pernilla André Hokfelt)

Result 2007 - 4 year old:
2nd place, Swedish Breeding&Sports Championship at Flyinge
Stallion Performance test: Premium AB until 2012. Dressage index 20,5. Exteriör 40 p, gait 889, test riders 9/9, free jumping 6/7

Result 2006 - 3 year old:
2nd place, Swedish Breeding&Sports Championship at Flyinge
51 points (9878109), 3-year performance test in Åstorp

Wladimir OA 1138 was breeding as 4 year old in 2007 but not in 2008. His only foal group is born in 2008. All foals are bay. Among the mares he bred is Tarantella, mother to among other Tellwell who is double Breeders Trophy winner and Grand Prix dressage in Germany. Below you can see two of the foals and we would be happy to receive more pictures!

Wella FT by Wladimir OA 1138 out of Tarantella by Bayard. Breeder and owner Susanne Johnsson, Fjugesta.

Zlatan by Wladimir OA 1138 out of Zabbina by Pontus. Breeder, owner and picture taken by Agnetha Hjortsparre.