Born in 1991, black, 163 cm, Prem AB, Imported 1997
Qualified for Elite in 2006.

Weltmeyer 314403584

World Cup I 314510477

Woermann 310426571

St Pr Sendernixe H317098567

St Pr Anka H314702676

Absatz 310405260

St Pr Adelsbuch H 317239868

St Pr Lucia H317613086

Lanthan 314319478

Lombard 310420869

Sturmdirndndl H317284868

St Pr Arnika H313310073

Argentan 310415867

Elfenheimat H316694863

Wahre Liebe is a State premium mare and has performed mare performance test in Germany.

Hanovarian mare, purchased at the Verden auction in 1997, in foal with Rubinstein.

Weltladys offspring:
1995DORAIN, filly, by Dream of Glory. State premium mare.
2000 colt by Regazzoni, approved stallion "Royal Highness".
2001 colt by Schwarzenegger, Verden auction, exported to Denmark, approved stallion "Stallone".
1997RUBINA, filly, black by Rubinstein. State premium mare.
2002 DEJAVU, filly by De Niro
1998WIENNA 25867, sto, mare, chestnut by Rubinstein. Diploma, AB premium. Sold to Mona Larsson, Löderup.
2002 DON MENDO, colt, dark bay, by Don Primero. Sold to Linda Grönstedt, Hudiksvall.
2004 filly, bay by De Niro
1999ROZZINI, gelding, roan by Ravell. Sold to Inger Sandahl, Grillby.
2001BERGAMON, colt, brown, by Briar. Dead.
2002BRAZIL, gelding, chestnut, by Briar. Sold to Stall André (Pernilla André) and Johan Hokfelt, Lund. Diploma in gaits as 3 year old, gaits- and jumping diploma as 4 year old. Final in Breed and Sport championship. Final in Scandinavian Open as well as Breed and Sport Championship for 5-year old horses.
2003DE VITO, gelding, born April 9 , dark bay by Di Caprio 1023. Dead.
2004NASDAQ gelding, born April 10, chestnut, by New Balance 971. Sold to Stall André (Pernilla André), Lund. Diploma in gaits as 3 year old.
2005MARKOUPOULO gelding, born April 12, dark bay by Metall. Sold to Anna Persson-Lardinger, Sparreholm. Diploma in gaits as 3 year old.
2006WEYDI filly, born June 7, dark bay by Don Romantic. Sold to Malin Svanström, Skillingaryd
2008WISHIE filly, born April 22, dark bay by First Wish.