The farm and stud Stubbäng is situated in the beautiful area of north eastern Scania in the south of Sweden. Only a few kilometres from the E6 highway between Gothenburg and Malmö but also close to the E4 between Stockholm and Helsingborg.

The stud breeds Swedish Warmbloods, mainly aimed for dressage. For the moment, four broodmares are being bred. A close co-operation with the dressage rider Pernilla André, with among other things a common ownership of the stallion Di Caprio 1023, has created an excellent combination with experience from both breeding as well as dressage sport.

The stud is run by Ann Westling and Carl-Johan Persson. The first foal owned by Ann was born in 1977 while Calle has been spending several years competing. During the last years, 3-5 foals have been born every year. A good relationship with breeders in Germany has created the possibility to build up a good breeding material in combination with pure Swedish pedigrees.