Filly, born 21 April 2009


At the foal inspection she was given 49 points
Type - Proportional, rather elegant - 9
Head, neck, body - Expressful head, well formed neck, rather well placed shoulder - 8
Legs - Correct and good legs, 8
Walk - Correct, energetic, could have been more expressive - 7
Trot - Rytmic, well balanced with schwung - 9
Canter - Energetic, rytmic, balanced - 8

At the regional Foal championship she was placed 2nd
Type, riding horse type - Feminin, well developed and raised
Gaits - Walk: Relaxed, movable, good rythm. Trot: Elastic with good hind leg activity. Canter: Light, rytmic with good balance.
General impression - Cooperative, elegant, light movements.

At the National Foal championship in Flyinge she was placed 4th in the final:
Well developed, long lines, well composed.
Solid, energetic, active walk. Rythmic trot with good balance, rather elastic. Rythmic, well balanced, elastic canter.
Good general condition - interesting, qualities with good potentials.

Don Romantic

Don Schufro

Donnerhall 330887081





Gianna 24888

Grundsee 310837982

Grundstein 311319775

Darine H311908277

Sessa H315130578

Shogun xx 060081469

Gymnastik H316952166