Born in 1999 at Niclas and Helena Magnusson, Tomelilla
Owner Stall André and Stuteri Stubbäng

De Niro 310590093

Donnerhall 330887081

Donnerwetter 311812177



Akzent II 314702274


Namoni 17536

Napoleon 625

Iran 533

Josephine 8620

Monbola 15099

Monaco 602

Flabola 12113

Di Caprio was gelded during 2003. After one season he had 10 foals which have had excellent results, e.g. 1 with 50 points, 2 with 49 points, one foal champion.
He is training for a dressage career continues together with Pernilla André. At his first dressage start, he immediately qualified with 74,80% for both Scandianvian Open in Falsterbo as well as Breeder's Trophy in Flyinge.

Results stallion performance test 2002
Di Caprio passed his stallion performance test in 2002 with excellent results which meant that he was approved and was allowed to cover already as three-year old.

Conformation42 points(98889)
Free jumping87

Results stallion performance test 2003:
Conformation 99889 = 43 points
Elegant, harmonic, masculine, well proportioned stallion. Beatiful head, well formed and well placed neck, good laying shoulder, long, well formed and musceled croup. Unimportant toed-in frontlegs, a bit straight hocks, correct movements. Energetic, movable, a bit tenced walk. Light, well balanced, elastic trot.

Result gaits 8 8 8 = 8

165 cm, 21,5 cm