Colt, born 12th March, 2006

SOLD to Birgitta Kjellin Häst AB, Kågeröd

Bocelli 1044

Don Schufro 690

Donnerhall 330887081


Ballerina 24034

Bernstein 761

Dancing Lady xx 18031

St Pr Wahre Liebe

Warkant 314418783

World Cup I 314510477

Grandel H314402478

Werona H312304980

Wendekreis 310416967

Natascha H317225868

Bonzai was judged at the foal inspection with 48 points (9 8 7 7 9 8).

Bonzai qualified to the final in the foal championship and was placed 5th with 8,67 points of the three-point scale:
Rythmic and energetic walk. Rythmic, light trot with good elasticity. Rythmic, well balanced and elastic canter. Relaxed, harmonic, good type with good gaits.